This bundle of sexy stories from author Cara Cane contains four unrelated tales of passion with one thing in common: they are all red-hot! Designed specifically to arouse, these stories will whet your appetite for uninhibited submissiveness after dark. ​

​The collection includes two shorts and two novelettes. Stories feature a hot woman who prowls video booths in search of casual sex, a voyeur who experiences a steamy midnight gang bang, a young woman's first menage with the two men she loves, and the best selling novelette Lolly Learns a Lesson.

Submissive After Dark

Explicit Stories Bundle

After a hard night of partying and poker, a disoriented Ethan wakes up to find two sexy women dressed in skimpy French maid uniforms on his doorstep. They tell him that they have come to service him and his house. Not quite believing his luck, Ethan eagerly invites them in. The women explain that they work for Menage Maid Service, an exclusive company that provides Cleaning with a Tryst. One of Ethan's friends booked and paid for four Menage Maid Service appointments and then promptly lost them in the poker game to Ethan the night before. Ethan doesn't remember winning such a sweet pot, but he is more than willing to enjoy the prize. 

Menage Maid Service

Menage Maids #1

Vampire Princess Bride

Sanguine Erotica #1

As the daughter of the Vampire King and the heir to the Blood Throne, it is Bianca Morvant's duty to marry and carry on the royal family line. But to Bianca, marriage only means one thing: being forced to choose between her two lovers. Aspen has noble blood, a kind heart, and a gentle touch that she has grown to love. Dorian comes from the lowest of Sanguini Houses, inspires fear in nearly everyone he meets, and does whatever it takes to rouse her most carnal desires. With a very public bedding ceremony set to take place before all of the Sanguini, Bianca must choose just one consort to share her kingdom and her bed. 

When sexy college student Lolly Lane comes to Professor Artemus Hooper and begs him for a better grade, he decides to make her earn it. 

The professor starts by telling her to remove her clothes and then issues a series of commands, each one kinkier than the last.

Lolly is reluctant to first, but under the tutelage of Professor Hooper, she soon discovers that there are important lessons to learn if she is willing to submit to his demands. 

Lolly Learns A Lesson

Classroom Kink #1

Lolly Lane was not the first college student trained to submit to Professor Artemus Hooper's kinky demands, but she is his favorite. 

​Under his insistent tutelage, she has transformed from a girl looking to trade a casual sexual favor for a better grade into something much more.

When Lolly insists on continuing her education for "extra credit," Artemus is more than willing to oblige her with advanced lessons and a field trip she will never forget.

Lolly Earns Extra Credit

Classroom Kink #2

Coming Soon!

Lolly Gets Homeschooled

Classroom Kink #3

Submissive After Dark

Menage Stories Bundle

This erotic story bundle from author Cara Cane includes five very naughty menage stories with one common theme: submission. ​

The stories are explicit from start to finish. Each one is specifically designed to arouse and allow the reader to explore sexuality through the written word.

The bundle includes four unrelated short stories, including Glory Hall (Date Night Domination), Soapland, The Victorian Cure, and Corporate Punishment. The bundle also includes the six-part bestselling novelette, Menage Maid Service. 
Ellie loves to submit to her dominant lover's demands. So when Malcolm blindfolds her and takes her out on a special date night, she willingly submits to the experience. 

​But even the adventurous Ellie is surprised by their taboo date night destination. 

Content warning: This explicit story is very naughty and not for the faint-hearted.

Glory Hall

(Date Night Domination)

Corporate Punishment

When Glenn gets summoned to Ms. Jackson's office, he can't help but be nervous. Some of Glenn's more unfortunate co-workers have had similar meetings with the rarely seen but nevertheless notorious lady boss. Most of them were too nervous to discuss it afterward, and the rest…well, they were just never heard from again. But what awaits Glenn in his boss' office is beyond anything he ever imagined. Ms. Jackson has a very special job assignment for him, and she is not easy to please. 
There was a time when it seemed Bill and Ron would never quit competing for Melanie's affections. She loved them equally, but it had taken her awhile to convince the two of them that there was no reason why they couldn't share her. 

​With her family's cabin to herself for the weekend, young Melanie intends to take full advantage of the privacy and the boys' willingness to give this sharing idea a try. 

Melanie's First Menage

For Readers 18+