Lolly Learns A Lesson (Classroom Kink #1)

Excerpt From Lolly Learns A Lesson

Artemus Hooper looked down at the girl that sat across from him. She had possibilities. Her tits were nice, and she looked like she had a juicy little pussy. Her name even sounded slutty. Lolly Lane. And she was twenty years old.

​​"Please, Mr. Hooper. If I don't get my GPA bumped up, I won't stand a chance of getting into the business program next year," Lolly said, her eyes full of tears.

Artemus took off his glasses and looked at her. Hard.

​"Miss Lane. You should have made an effort earlier in the year. It wouldn't be fair to change the grade now."

"I did make an effort--"

"You didn't. You spent the entire year chasing frat boys and partying. I noticed you in the hallway. I heard you talking about it in class," Artemus said sternly. "If you want me to change your grade now, you're going to have to offer more than a few tears." 

Lolly sniffed. "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to make an effort, Miss Lane. A real effort. You can start by taking off your top and showing me your sweet little tits."

"Wh-what," she hiccupped.

"You heard me, Miss Lane."

"Why do you want to see my tits?" 

"So I can get my cock hard enough for you to suck. Do you want the grade or not, Miss Lane?" Artemus asked.

"I do, Mr. Hooper. It's just--"

"Just what? You've shown them off before. Clearly, it's no big deal. Show them to me now."

Lolly hesitated and then pulled down the straps of her tiny tank top. Like most of the girls nowadays, she wasn't wearing a bra. Her tits sprang free. Her nipples were large, pink, and hard. Artemus felt his cock stir instantly. 

"That's very good, Lolly. Now I want you to put your index finger in your mouth and suck it."

Lolly lifted her finger to her mouth slowly and inserted it between her full pink lips. She closed her mouth around it and sucked. 

"Good. Get it nice and wet," Artemus instructed. "Now, take your finger out and make a slow circle around each nipple."

Lolly did as she was told. It pleased Artemus that she could follow instructions. He began thinking about the things he wanted to do to her and wondered how far this little slut would let him take it.

"Stand up, Miss Lane. Come closer to me."

Lolly rose from the chair, walked around his desk, and stood beside him.

"Take your panties off."

She blushed. "I'm not wearing any."

"Your skirt is very short, Miss Lane. It would be all too easy for you to expose your pussy when you bend over or sit at a desk in the classroom. Is that why you don't wear panties? Do you like exposing your pussy to the boys?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"That is very, very naughty. But you like being naughty, don't you?"

"Please, Mr. Hooper."

"Please,what? I'm not making you do anything, Lolly. If you'd like to leave now, you can. If you'd like to stay, you can earn the grade you want."

"Any grade I want?" Lolly asked.

"That depends," Artemus replied.

"On what?"

"Your performance, of course. Isn't that what grades are based on?"

Lolly nodded. Artemus grabbed the waistband of her skirt and pulled her closer. He stuck his hand between her parted thighs and ran it over her pussy. It was soaking wet.

"Miss Lane," Artemus chastised. "You're pretending like you don't like this, but your pussy couldn't be any wetter."

"I can't h-help it," she stammered.

"And I can't help it if I want to put my cock in your little slut mouth. So, let's cut the dramatics and proceed. On your knees, Miss Lane."

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Vampire Princess Bride (Sanguine Erotica #1)

Excerpt From Vampire Princess Bride

Bianca Morvant stepped into the smooth marble tub and eased her slender body into the hot, steaming bathwater. Her movements stirred the red rose petals floating gracefully on the water's surface, causing some of them to sink into the depths of the tub. The rest stayed on the top, permeating the air with their thick, cloying scent. Bianca prodded one of the petals with her fingertip and watched it sail above the swell of her small naked breasts and toward the private place between her legs.

​Tomorrow, the entire Royal Court would watch as her chosen husband touched her breasts, parted her legs, and claimed her body as his own in the official bedding ceremony. They would see her, all of her, and they would talk about it for years to come. It was tradition--or so everyone told her. As the only heir to the Blood Throne, Bianca had never seen a royal wedding or a bedding ceremony. The last one to take place had been her parents', and it had occurred long before she was born.

Bianca closed her eyes and wondered what it was like for other brides, normal brides, who got to have their wedding night in the privacy of their boudoir without representatives from every noble House watching to make sure the marriage had been fully consummated. Did they appreciate the privacy, or just take it for granted? Did they have to force themselves not to cry that night or were they happy with their choice?

Bianca sighed. Greedy. That's what she was. The average Vampire bride was content to devote herself and her affections to one man. Unlike Humans and Sirens and some of the more fickle races, Vampires understood devotion and almost always mated early and for life. Bianca sighed. So what was wrong with her?

King Lucian, Bianca's father, claimed that it was youth. He had been pressing her to marry for several years now, but she had retained her right to wait until the age of twenty-five before taking a husband. It was the prerogative of all Vampire royalty to decide when and whom to marry, providing they did not wait too long or marry outside of the noble Sanguini Houses. Waiting did nothing to carry on the family line, as King Lucian was always quick to remind her.

Despite many years of trying, and even a little black magic, Bianca's parents had never had any other children but her. It was that way with Vampires sometimes. The Sanguini scholars had various theories as to why this was, but most agreed it was just the balance of nature. Vampires were not immortal, but they lived twice, and sometimes three times, as long as the average mortal. If Vampires bred too easily, the world would be overrun with their kind. Overpopulation meant starvation, as it had been in the dark times, before nature found balance.

Bianca wasn't opposed to the institution of marriage itself. She understood the appeal of an eternal partner. Sometimes, she even fantasized about it. But in her fantasies, she had two partners. And not just any two partners. She had her two consorts, Dorian and Aspen. The two men she loved…the two men who loved her back.

Aspen was her first love and the Vampire who took her virginity when she was eighteen years old. He was blonde, beautiful, gentle, and kind--everything a nobleman should be. Bianca was madly in love with him, and her father believed that Aspen had all the makings of a great prince. The fact that Aspen was from a Sanguini House that was as old and respected as the House Bianca came from certainly didn’t hurt his suitability as far as King Lucian was concerned.

And then there was Dorian. He was everything Aspen was not: dark, rugged, rough, and dangerous. Bianca had invited him to her bed not long after she gifted Aspen with her virginity, and had invited him back almost every night since. Dorian was Sanguini, but he came from one of the lesser Houses that had risen up in the last Vampire War. Nevertheless, he was a nobleman now, and therefore, a suitable consort for Bianca. But a prince? King Lucian didn't see it. He had not forbidden Bianca from choosing Dorian tomorrow, but he didn't encourage it either.

Bianca's mother did not pressure her to choose either man. Instead, Queen Violette made neutral suggestions, such as "consider every option" and "choose wisely." It was frustratingly vague advice in Bianca's opinion, though she suspected it was better to be allowed to choose a husband than to be forced into an arranged marriage as the royals in other Vampire dynasties often were.

Bianca sank deeper into the water and did her best not to cry. Aspen or Dorian? Dorian or Aspen? No matter how she posed the question, the answer was always the same. She didn’t want to choose between the two of them. It would crush her, and even worse, it would crush one of them.

There was a sudden, sharp rapping on her chamber door. Bianca jerked her head toward the noise, and instinctively crossed her arms over her chest. Who could it be? She had sent all of the servants away for the night. The knock came again, more insistent now. Before Bianca could rise from the tub and towel herself off, she heard something being slid into the lock on her bedroom door.

Half a second later, the door opened, and Aspen strode into her room. He shut the door quickly behind him, relocked it, and turned to face Bianca. She sat up in the tub and stared across the room. Their eyes locked and the space between them melted away as Aspen rushed toward her. She reached out to him as he knelt beside the tub.

​"Bianca," Aspen said as he grasped her hand and pressed it to his lips, kissing it over and over again.

"You're not supposed to be here," Bianca whispered. The chastisement sounded weak, even to her.

​"I couldn’t stay away." Aspen brushed a tear from her cheek. His blue eyes were anguished in his pale face. "I know what this wedding is doing to you. I couldn't stand the thought of you here, alone. Not tonight."

Bianca covered her mouth with her free hand to smother the sob that threatened to escape. It was just like Aspen to think of her, to worry what this choice was doing to her. She felt awful about what it was doing to him--what she was doing to him.

​"No, baby. Don't cry," Aspen pleaded. He pulled her hand from her mouth and kissed her bloody tears away. "Let me help you forget."

Aspen put one arm behind her back and stuck another arm in the water behind her knees. He lifted her from the marble tub as though she weighed nothing and pressed her to his chest. Water poured off of her body, soaking his black cloak and the stone floor as he walked her across the room to her ornate four-poster canopy bed. Bianca looked back toward the tub and saw a trail of rose petals in their wake. The fragrance of the rose water clung to her naked skin and long dark hair, and she knew that even her most private places would be scented with the sweet-smelling aroma.

Bianca looked up at Aspen's face. He was watching her closely, as though trying to read her thoughts. Telepathy was not a common skill among the Sanguini Houses, and unless he had been hiding it from her their whole lives, Aspen was not graced with the unique power. Yet, he seemed to be picking up on exactly what she was thinking. She could see it reflected in the set of his jaw and the narrowing of his sapphire eyes.
He knew that there was a good chance that she was not going to choose him. Yet he was here. And he was being kind to her. More than that, he wanted her to feel better.

When they reached her bed, Aspen parted the black silk curtains draped over the bed's canopy and gently laid her wet, dripping body down on the red velvet coverlet. 

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Lolly Learns

A Lesson

Book One In The Classroom Kink Series

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Vampire Princess Bride

Book One in the Sanguine Erotica Series

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Menage Maid Service (Menage Maids #1)

Excerpt From Menage Maid Service

Alexis hung up the phone and turned her attention to the two sexy women standing in front of her. She liked to inspect the maids before they left to service a client. It was her way of ensuring that they were properly attired and ready to perform the day's duties. If necessary, she warmed them up.

The two women in front of her looked eager enough. Alexis patted her severe bun to make sure her long, dark hair was in place and stepped out from behind the desk. She surveyed them, one at a time, over the rims of her eyeglasses. They were two of the youngest maids at the company, but definitely not too young. 

The hiring policy required every maid to be at least twenty-five years old. Alexis liked her employees to be fully ripe and mature enough to handle the intense job demands. Many of the maids were in their thirties, and several were in their forties or older. She found that the experienced women were often the best at handling the clients. 

​There was a time when Alexis serviced choice clients herself, but she very rarely did that anymore, preferring her management position behind (and sometimes on top of) the desk. She liked exercising control over her company and the employees who represented her brand. 

The two women in front of her certainly seemed to be dressed properly. They were attired in the standard Ménage Maid uniform: a black, French-maid style dress that showed plenty of skin. The sheer frilly half aprons that were tied around their waists were immaculate and matched the white headpieces pinned in their hair. 

One of the maids was slender and statuesque. She had long, straight blonde hair and an athletic build. The other maid was short and curvy. She had red hair that had been weaved into a thick, tight braid down her back. Alexis reached out and tugged on the front of the redhead's uniform so that the girl's cleavage was more exposed. Her breasts certainly filled out her uniform. She might as well show them off. 

Alexis moved her gaze down lower, checking to make sure that both girls were wearing the required fishnets, garters, and black stiletto heels. The blonde had great legs. They were long and thin. Dancer's legs. Alexis smiled fondly, remembering the last time they were wrapped around her neck. The girl's legs weren't the only things that were nice. She had a lovely pussy as well. Always shaved bare. Always wet.

Alexis walked around the girls so that she could see them from behind. They both had nice asses that were accentuated by the short skirts. Round and high and firm. Alexis put her hands on the blonde girl's ass and spread her cheeks apart. The girl gasped, moaned a little, and then looked over her shoulder and smiled, clearly anticipating what was coming next. 

​"Bend over the desk." Alexis said. She released the blond girl's cheeks and spanked her on then ass. Hard. "You're being sent to a new client today. I want to make sure you're ready for anything."

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Menage Maid Service

Book One in the Menage Maids Series

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Submissive After Dark: Explicit Stories Bundle

Excerpt From Submissive After Dark: Explicit Stories Bundle

Melanie took a deep breath and smoothed her long, brown hair so that it framed her face and fell down her back like a wavy curtain. She had been waiting for this moment for so long. There was a time when it seemed Bill and Ron would never quit competing for her affections. She loved them equally, but it had taken her awhile to convince the two of them that there was no reason why they couldn't share her.

They had her family's cabin to themselves for the weekend, and Melanie intended to take full advantage of the privacy and the boys' willingness to give this sharing idea a try.

She squirmed a little on the couch to feel the rough material brush deliciously against her bare skin. She had dressed in her tiniest pair of pink lace panties, and after some thought, had decided to forgo a bra and leave her heavy breasts exposed. Bill had been staring at her tight sweaters a lot lately, and Melanie knew he was dying to see what was underneath. 

​Thus far, neither man had seen her naked. She had done little more than kiss Ron, and had done nothing with Bill other than some heavy flirting. She liked to rub her breasts against his back when she passed him in the hallway at work. Sometimes she even dropped things on purpose so that she could bend over in front of him and expose her pussy. She rarely wore underwear beneath her skirts anymore, preferring the feeling of sexiness that came with no undergarments.

​Once she had let Ron hold her against a cubicle wall and squeeze her nipples through her sweater. It had been a satisfying experience for both of them, but it was time to take things to the next step. Melanie couldn't be more ready. She had lost her virginity the second year of college when she slept with a drunk boy at a frat party. Since then, she had been content to watch and read pornography while she touched herself.

Once, she had allowed herself to fuck a large dong she had found in her dorm mate Sasha's bedside drawer. Sasha had walked in unexpectedly, caught her in the act, and then insisted on watching. Melanie continued to fuck the dong, sinking into her pussy again and again while Sasha watched from another bed and touched herself. Melanie remembered thinking it was thoroughly enjoyable to feel something inside of her, and even liked having someone watch her pleasure herself, but it wasn't enough. 

She was tired of being a good girl. She needed a real cock. And tonight, she was going to get it.

Melanie's pussy began to feel wet just thinking of it. Her nipples hardened when she thought of what else might happen to her pussy. She refrained from touching herself, but barely. Where were those boys? 

As if answering her silent summons, Bill and Ron came into the room together. She heard them both gasp upon seeing her. Melanie spread her legs to give them a better view of the narrow strip of lace that stretched across her newly waxed bikini area.

​"Hello," Melanie purred. She gave them her best come hither look and hoped it was the kind of look that said 'I'll suck you dry if you let me.'

Melanie smiled as they approached. It was clear that they were both hard already. Bill was wearing a tiny pair of boxers, and his bulging erection was straining the material. Ron was wearing a worn pair of tight jeans, which seemed to be growing in the crotch region as he moved.

"You look comfortable," Bill said. A lock of his dark hair had fallen into his eyes. He was slim but muscular--Melanie's favorite body type. 

"I would be a lot more comfortable if you were naked," Melanie replied softly. "Wouldn't you?"

​Bill smiled and peeled the tight underwear down. His cock sprang free, practically inviting her to put her mouth around it. Ron saw how excited she looked at the sight of Bill's nakedness and hurried to undress as well. 

Melanie was pleased to see that Ron's cock was just as large as Bill's--and equally inviting. Like Bill, Ron was slim and muscular, but he was blonde and taller and broader in the shoulders. Melanie couldn't wait to be sandwiched between them.

"​May I have a closer look?"

​Bill and Ron both edged toward her. Melanie leaned forward in her seat so that their cocks were level with her face. She stuck out her pink tongue and flicked each, one after the other. Bill moaned and his cock throbbed.

"Please, Melanie," Ron whispered. "Do it again."

Melanie smiled. "Try and stop me."

​She stuck her tongue out again, and this time, she gave each cock a nice long lick. Their skin was hot and smelled of soap. They each moaned again. As they did, she felt her pussy contract from wanting. It was sopping wet now. She could feel the wetness soaking her panties. 

​It was time, she decided, to allow herself to truly lose control. If she wanted this to work, she needed to shed any and all inhibitions. She took Bill's cock in her mouth and sucked. Then Ron's. Back to Bill. Back to Ron. Again and again. Over and over, she sucked. They tasted so good. She took each one deeper and deeper. Ron grasped the back of her head and pushed his cock as far as it could go into her mouth.

"Take it, baby," Ron said.

"Mmm. Hmm," Melanie moaned.

"You like that, baby," Bill said. "Take a little more of mine."

Ron was still grasping the back of her head. He guided her to Bill.

"That's right, Melanie. Suck Bill's cock. Get it nice and wet."

Melanie obliged eagerly. She felt Ron's hand move from her head to her bare back. He rubbed his hand along her spine all the way to her tailbone. His finger hooked around the waistband of her panties. He gave them a tug. The material pulled tight against her clit and she moaned.

"I don't want to see you wearing these ever again. Not while we're around," Ron said.

He pulled on the panties. Hard. Melanie heard a tearing noise and felt the lacey material fall away from her body. She was truly hot now. Bill was close to finishing in her mouth. He must have realized it, too, because he stepped back, taking his cock with him. Her lips rearranged themselves into a pout as her hands reached for his dick.

"Not yet," Bill murmured. "I want to please you for a while. Sit back."

Melanie did as she was told, sinking into the back of the couch. Bill and Ron ran their eyes over her. Ron began stroking his long, thick cock as though contemplating exactly where he'd like to put it.

​"You have the most beautiful tits," Bill whispered. "I have been thinking about cumming on them since I met you."

"Touch them, Bill. Be sure to squeeze her nipple," Ron added. "I think she likes that."

Melanie's breasts heaved in anticipation. She couldn't wait to feel Bill's hands on her.Bill moved forward, placing one knee on the couch for balance. He brought his hand up to her breast and caressed it. Melanie moaned. Bill brushed his fingers lightly over one nipple and then squeezed. He rolled her nipple in his fingers and gave it another pinch. Melanie squirmed in her seat, feeling near orgasm already. 

"Your titties like it a little rough, don't they," Bill said shrewdly.Melanie bit her lip and nodded. "Do you want me to slap your sexy titty?"

Melanie nodded again.

"Should I slap you with my hand or my cock," Bill asked. 

"Your hand," Melanie moaned. "Use your hand."

Bill slapped her tit where it swelled from her body. Not too hard, but hard enough for there to be a smacking noise and a delightful tingling sensation in Melanie's breast.

​"Yes," she moaned. "Again."

Bill did as he was asked and was rewarded with the same response. He looked at Ron and nodded.Ron let go of his cock and moved forward. As Bill slapped Melanie's left breast, Ron slapped her right breast. She moaned again and writhed in her seat. 

"Oh, please," she breathed. "More."

Bill and Ron's hands came down again and again, slapping her breasts and brushing her large, swollen nipples with the tips of their fingers each time. The sensation was beyond erotic. Melanie couldn't get enough. She arched her back and groaned with pleasure. She was near orgasm again. 

​"Enough," Ron said just as Bill prepared to slap her round, pink breast one more time. "Melanie has been waiting a long time for this. I think she needs to cum properly."

​"I agree," Bill murmured and took a step back.

​His eyes were on the light pink handprints they had left on her tits. His cock was enormous. Melanie was sure it couldn't get any larger or harder. 

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Submissive After Dark: Explicit  Stories Bundle

Cara Cane Quickies

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Lolly Earns Extra Credit (Classroom Kink #2)

Lolly Earns

Extra Credit

Book Two In The Classroom Kink Series

Top Seller

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Excerpt From Lolly Earns Extra Credit

Professor Artemus Hooper tried not to stumble through his lecture as the girl in the front row of his college class slowly pushed her knees together and then back apart again. Her skirt was ridiculously short today. It rode up her long legs with every movement, giving him glimpses of her creamy, white thighs.

Artemus felt his cock twitch as her legs spread far enough apart under the desk to give him a nice shot of her sweet little pussy. It was shaved bare, exactly the way he liked it. He had given her strict orders not to wear panties today and was pleased to see that she had followed his instructions. If there was one thing he liked, it was a submissive that knew how to do what she was told.

Lolly Lane was not the first student that he had trained to submit to his kinky demands, but she was his favorite. Under his insistent tutelage, the girl had transformed from a student looking to trade a sexual favor for a better grade into his own personal cumslut. He had fucked her every day for the last three weeks and still couldn't get enough. 

​Artemus allowed himself a small smile as he remembered her look of surprise the first time he told her to take her big tits out and suck his cock. She was far from a virgin then, though it was obvious that she wasn't used to being dominated by her lovers either. She had been hesitant to submit, but only at first. Like so many of the other female students Artemus had trained over the years, she caught on. More than that, she had excelled.

By the end of their first session, he had stuck his oversized cock into every one of her little fuckholes, from her mouth to her pussy to her ass. Lolly came back for more the next day, and the next, and the next. With every session, he bumped her class grade up a little more until she earned the A grade she was seeking. 

Although he didn't want to admit it, even to himself, Artemus was afraid that Lolly wouldn't be interested in continuing with their extracurricular activities once she achieved her desired grade, but his fears were for naught. She had immediately insisted on earning extra credit, and he had been indulging her ever since. 

​Artemus watched as Lolly pushed her knees back together and twirled an ink pen in her fingers. She brought the capped tip up to her mouth slowly and rubbed it on her parted red lips like it was a big, hard cock. And then slowly, ever so slowly, she slid the end of the pen into her mouth. Artemus did his best not to stare at her as he continued his lecture, but his eyes returned to her again and again. 

The pen slid against her small, pink tongue on occasion, as though teasing it. Lolly removed it from her mouth and trailed the tip of it down her chin and to her neck. She traced it along her collarbone and down toward her breasts. It was as if she were mimicking the trajectory of the cumshot he had given her last night. Artemus took a step closer to the podium. His hard-on was growing, pressing into his khakis. He wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her in front of the whole class.

Lolly crossed and then uncrossed her legs. She brought the pen back up to her lips. As she did, the back of her hand brushed against one of her full breasts. Artemus could see that her nipples were hard and erect under her thin white tank top. He imagined pulling her top down and allowing her tits to spill out onto the desk as he shoved his engorged cock into her mouth. 

​Unfortunately, it seemed he wasn't the only one imagining it. There was a male student seated next to Lolly. Joe? Jon? Artemus couldn’t remember the boy's name for sure. Whoever he was, he was staring at Lolly, watching as she sucked on the pen, staring at her nipples. It made Artemus feel strangely and quite suddenly possessive. It displeased him that someone besides him might try to fuck her. 

Artemus had once allowed a fellow teacher to ram a cock in Lolly during one of their initial sessions, but that had been a different situation. It had been at Artemus' urging and in his presence. The session was a means to an end: to let Artemus watch her nubile young body get fucked and to let Lolly experience what it was like to be taken by two cocks at once. 

This Joe or Jon or whoever he was had no business staring at her now. Artemus wondered if the boy would follow her into the hall after class just to watch her delicious ass swing back and forth. Would he have the nerve to hit on her? The mere thought infuriated Artemus further. He shook his head. What was wrong with him? He had never felt this way before. 

Artemus was used to being in control of his sexual conquests. He did not allow himself to get too attached to his student submissives. They were beautiful distractions, vessels for his sexual cravings. And then he met Lolly. She would be his undoing if he wasn't careful.

​Lolly didn't seem to notice the boy's attentions. As usual, she had eyes only for Artemus. He pondered that for a moment. The boy next to her might be staring at her now, but it meant nothing to her. He could stare all he wanted. It would be Artemus who had her later. He smiled at the thought. 

Tonight was going to be a very special night. He had never planned anything quite like it before. Of course, he had never had a student quite like Lolly before. She would appreciate the experience and the education it provided. He was sure of it. 

Artemus looked expectantly at the clock, hoping to see a significant passage of time, but the minute hand was moving slower than ever. It was beginning to feel as though the school day would never end. He peered at Lolly once more from the corner of his eye. One of her hands had slid under her desk and found its way to the hem of her skirt. She toyed with the edge of the fabric for a moment and then started inching her fingers underneath it and toward the hot triangle between her legs.

The boy next to her was so busy staring at her tits that he didn't see the tips of her fingers brush against her bare pussy, but Artemus did. He watched as a look of sheer pleasure flitted across Lolly's face. She shivered slightly in her seat and gave him a look that clearly said, "I can’t wait much longer."

​Artemus knew from experience that her pussy would be drenched by now in anticipation of this afternoon. She was always so wet when she came to him. During their last session, she told him that she fantasized daily about his cock during her other classes, imagining all of the things that he would do to her once he had her alone. This turned him on more than ever. He liked knowing that she wanted him and craved his touch when they were not together. 

Fuck it. This class was ending early. It would be a treat for him and his students. Artemus began winding down the lecture, leaving out pertinent information that would have to be covered in the next class if the students hoped to pass the final examination he had planned. He abruptly dismissed them as soon as the lecture ended. Some of students looked mildly surprised and peered at the clock or their watches, correctly guessing that their hour-long class hadn’t quite lasted a whole hour. However, there were more than a few who got up from their seats instantly, clearly thrilled to not have to hear another word about accounting or corporate taxation. 

Artemus shuffled papers at his podium in an attempt to look busy. He couldn’t step away yet unless he wanted to show his raging boner to the entire group of students as they filed out of the room. Lolly was still at her desk. She stood, smoothed her skirt down, and then pushed her laptop and accounting textbook into her bag. The pen she had been sucking fell to the floor. Lolly bent over to pick it up and nearly exposed her bare ass as she retrieved it. 

​The boy who had been staring at her was lingering as well. He was making a show of flipping through pages in his notebook, but it was relatively obvious that this was little more than a ploy to stare at Lolly's ass, because he certainly didn't have his eyes on the pages. 

Artemus cleared his throat loudly. Joe-Jon-Whatever looked away from Lolly's ass abruptly and saw Artemus staring unkindly at him. The boy scrambled to collect his belongings and then practically ran from the room. The last of the students straggled from the classroom until only Artemus and Lolly were left. Artemus strode to the door and shut it firmly before flipping the lock and pulling the shade. 

He turned back to face the room. Lolly was sitting on her desk now, looking at him with her fuck-me eyes. 

​"You scared him," Lolly said. She pulled her skirt up around her waist and spread her legs so that Artemus could see her pussy.

​So she had noticed the boy. Artemus made a noncommittal sound. He crossed the room and wedged himself between her spread legs. He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her body to him possessively.

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Critical Praise For Vampire Princess Bride

"How did so much hotness get packed into so few pages? A sizzling start to a promising series! Read. This. Story." - Smutsonian

"Four out of four flames." - Naughty Book Snitch

​"This is my first read from Cara Cane, and I cannot wait to see what book two in the Sanguine Erotica series has to offer." - Felicity of Kinky With A Twist Reviews

"I was instantly drawn to this story and couldn't stop reading once I started. If you love paranormal, dark desires, and love untamed, this is the story for you." - Tiffany of Kinky With a Twist Reviews

"Highly recommended if you like a good two-fingered, one-handed read with an interesting back story. Looking forward to more of Cara Cane's sexy vamps." - Satin Reads

"By the time I finished reading, I was in love with these characters." - Amazon Reviewer

​"I loved this book. It had a great storyline and was the perfect mix of romance and sexiness." - Amazon Reviewer

​"This is pure naughty vampire smut!" - Amazon Reviewer

Submissive After Dark: Menage Stories Bundle

Excerpt From Submissive After Dark: Menage Stories Bundle

Ellie lifted a manicured hand to her face and made a slight adjustment to the blindfold that covered her eyes. The material was soft and velvety against her fingers. 

"No peeking," Malcolm said. It was a command, not a request.

Ellie put the blindfold back in place so that it blocked her vision completely and lowered her hand back to her lap. She could feel heat radiating from her pussy. It had been teased mercilessly all night and was wet with need, exactly how Malcolm liked it. 

​As soon as they got in the car, he had shoved her tight, white dress up around her waist and ordered her to sit with her legs spread just in case he wanted to look at her while they drove. Being exposed to him in this way was arousing, and it was hard not to touch herself now.

"Will you at least give me a hint," Ellie asked. She let a finger twitch against her clit. "Please."

"No," Malcolm said. His voice was quiet but firm.

Ellie bit the inside of her cheek so that she wouldn't smile. As curious as she was, she wanted him to deny her. She liked the anticipation almost as much as she liked Malcolm's little surprises. 

"You'll be pleased," he assured her.

Ellie didn't doubt him. Malcolm knew what she liked, sometimes even more than she did. She wondered how closely he was watching her. With the blindfold firmly in place, she couldn’t be sure. Ellie twitched her fingers again, making them brush harder against her clit. It felt so good. She bit back a moan and did it again. 

​"Did I say you could touch yourself?" Malcolm asked.

Ellie's hand froze. "No."

Malcolm made her wait for his response, but she knew what was coming next. She tried not to fidget in her seat.

"Ask for permission," Malcolm demanded. 

"May I please touch myself?"

"Not yet." 

The car started slowing down a few moments later. Ellie couldn’t see what was happening, but it felt as though they were turning. Or maybe Malcolm was just pulling over. The car came to an abrupt stop almost immediately. Had they arrived at their destination?

"You can touch yourself now," Malcolm said softly.

Ellie hesitated. She didn't know where they were. A parking lot? The side of the road? Someone might be able to see her, sitting in her seat, legs spread, dress bunched up around her waist. Malcolm would not warn her if someone approached. She was certain of it. He would let her touch herself while someone else watched. He had done it before. 

"Do it," Malcolm said.

Ellie moved her fingers, allowing the tips to rub against her sensitive clit. It felt wonderful. She did it again, teasing herself until she forgot where she was or who might be watching.

"Good girl," Malcolm said. "You've wanted that, haven’t you?"

"Yes," Ellie breathed. 

She tilted herself back in the seat and lifted her hips. Then, she slid her fingers down further, moving them to her tight slit. She was so wet. So ready. It would be easy to slide her fingers inside. She teased herself, rubbing the entrance of her pussy.

"Do you want to be filled?" Malcolm asked.

"Yes, please."

"Spread your pussy apart. Wide."

Ellie did as she was told, using two hands to open herself up to him. She waited. Malcolm slid the tip of a finger inside of her, and then another. He moved them in and out, gently.

Ellie moaned. She wanted him to ram them into her pussy, to pound her to release, but he moved his fingers slowly. In and out. In and out. Just a centimeter at a time. Ellie's need built. He could fuck her harder. He could be buried in her to the knuckles. She moved her hips, trying to force herself down on his fingers.

"That's a bad girl, Ellie. Haven’t I taught you patience?" 

Malcolm withdrew his fingers from her pussy. She whimpered, wanting them back. She would do anything to get them back.

"Please," she begged. "I'll be good."

Malcolm shoved both fingers back in her pussy, ramming them deep. She squealed with pleasure as she took them. Her pussy was still being spread wide by her hands, and the feeling of his fingers being shoved into her wet, gaping hole was pure bliss. Ellie took every thrust that came after, doing her best to hold still as he finger-fucked her. She had almost reached her climax when Malcolm stopped suddenly and withdrew his fingers.

"Open your mouth," he said.

Ellie did as she was told. She felt his hand on her jaw. He parted her lips further and then shoved two of his fingers into her mouth. She could taste her own pussy on her tongue.

"Suck," Malcolm demanded.

Ellie sucked his fingers hard. Malcolm pushed his digits in further, and she took them. Her oral fixation was not a secret to him. She loved to suck cock, balls, fingers, pussy. Anything. If it came near her lips, she wanted to fuck it with her mouth. Malcolm took advantage of her fetish whenever he could.

"You like having that mouth filled, don't you?" Malcolm pulled his fingers out just long enough for her to choke out a yes and then shoved them back in again. "I'm going to make sure that mouth gets stuffed full tonight."

Ellie moaned around his fingers. She didn’t know what he had planned for her, but she was past the point of being curious. Whatever it was, she was more than ready to submit. Malcolm removed his fingers.

"Leave the blindfold on. I'll help you out of the car."

Ellie sat back into her seat and waited as he got out of the vehicle, came around to the passenger side, and opened her door. He had not adjusted her dress before doing any of this, and she was still bare to the waist--and to anyone who might be near the car. Ellie began to tug at the bottom of the dress, feeling the need to pull it down.

"Don’t you dare," Malcolm said. "You're going to walk into this place bare-assed so that everyone can see you."

"Why," Ellie asked.

"Because I want them to see what you have to offer."

Ellie shivered. What did that mean? Would someone else be fucking her tonight? Malcolm had only talked of sharing her before. He had never actually done it. Her pussy contracted. If that was what he was planning, she knew she would let him.

Malcolm took her hand and helped her to her feet. Ellie felt a cool night breeze tickle her most private places as she stepped from the car. She gave herself over to Malcolm, allowing him to guide her body where he wanted it to be. The car door shut with a thump.

Ellie heard a low wolf-whistle. Another man was out here with them, and he could see her. Malcolm tugged her arm suddenly, and they were moving. Toward the whistler? Away from him? Ellie wasn't sure. She followed blindly, wondering when, and if, Malcolm would permit her to remove the cover from her eyes. 

​There was a swooshing noise and the temperature of the air changed suddenly. Ellie could tell that they were inside of a building now. It was warm in here, and the light on the other side of her blindfold was brighter. The air smelled musky. Sensual music filled her ears, but that wasn't the only sound Ellie could hear. Someone, or perhaps more than one person, was moaning. The noises were soft, but constant. 

Malcolm pulled her forward, taking her closer to the sex sounds. One of his hands was on her arm, the other firmly around her waist. He was gripping her tightly. Ellie wasn't sure if it was out of fear of her falling or merely to show everyone that she was his. Either way, she was grateful for his support. 

They stopped walking quite suddenly. The music was still playing. Someone was fucking nearby. Ellie could hear the sound of panting, moaning, and skin on skin. She held her breath, listening. Malcolm's lips brushed against her ear. 

​"Soon that will be you," he whispered. "Open your mouth."

Ellie complied. Fingers were slipped between her lips. She could taste her pussy on them and knew they were Malcolm's.  He pressed into her from behind as he slid them deeper into her mouth. She sucked on them insistently.

His other hand wound around to the front of her body. He yanked on the front of her dress, pulling it down until her ample tits were exposed. At his insistence, she had not worn a bra tonight. Ellie moaned as his hands worked her bare breasts. He rubbed them hard, stopping only occasionally to squeeze her nipple between his finger and thumb. 

Malcolm pulled his fingers from her mouth. Ellie bent her head, trying to keep them between her lips. But they were gone. She whimpered.

"What's the matter, baby?" Malcolm asked. His tone was sympathetic. "You need something to suck?"

Ellie nodded her head. "Yes. Please"

"How about some cock, baby? Do you want to suck a little cock?"


Malcolm raised a hand to her lips. Ellie opened her mouth wide, wanting to be filled.

​"Does my baby need some cum in her mouth?" Malcolm asked.

"Yes," Ellie panted. "Please put cock in my mouth."

Malcolm lifted her slightly so that her feet dangled of the ground. He was carrying her, taking her somewhere. Ellie let her body go limp to show that she was ready to submit to his will. A door opened and closed, and then Ellie was on her feet again.

The blindfold was pulled from her eyes. She blinked and found herself standing in an empty, narrow room with nobody but Malcolm. The area was so small that it almost felt more like a hallway than an actual room. 

"Where are we?" Ellie asked. 

​Malcolm put his hands on her waist and spun her body around so that she was facing the wall that had been behind her. The wall's surface was completely white and marred by nothing but four small holes set about three feet apart. A long, rigid cock protruded from each hole.

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